Professional Style.
Shaped Carbon Tubes.

The reason for building our carbon frame in 3 different design variations is creating a Strong, classic or a modern look.



Three design elements create a strong look. The rectangular shaped top tube. The triangular shaped down tube, diameter larger on head tube side, reduced were it meets the bottom bracket shell. Between wheel and seatpost two parallel M-style rear stays.


The classic variation of our carbon model. Seat tube, down tube and top tube round shaped and equally proportionate. A-style rear stays, oval shaped and 90° rotated.


The modern variation. Top tube square shaped. Down tube square shaped and tapered to fit between large pressfit bottom bracket shell and the head tube. Seat tube wheel shaped holding a 27.2 mm seatpost. D-style rear stays.

electronic or mechanical

You may like elecronic or mechanical shifting. But you will not like to have a frame with useless holes or cable guides. It looks so much better when the frame is not just standard one for all.

Color combinations like SUPREME and ZONA are especially designed for our carbon frames. You may chose a one color design UNO or you may have your own ideas. And you personalize the design with your color choice.