historic steel

A steel frame with lugs represents the history of bicycle building. Microfusion lugs. Columbus SL tubing. The art of brazing. The combination of chrome and paint. Every decade had a particular color design. Not many frame builders have the heritage of technical and graphical details and the know how to combine all this. Casati builds you an iconic frame for a road bicycle. Exactly like decades ago.

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The 30's.


Columbus SL / lugs and fork crown Pietro / color scheme "The 30's" with white cuff on seatpost / original trade mark on head tube and seat tube original colors black, rubin red, blue sud or champagner

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"The 60's"


Identical frame design like the model Origine. The Pietro comes with a different color scheme "The 60's". One color. Down tube and seat tube lettering style 1960 with outline. original colors black, emerald green. Good as starting point for custom orders.

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The 80's


The 80,s, the great epoch of cycling was the time of having a different colored head tube. Matching deco on seat tube. The model Storia has a own set of lugs with fork crown.

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The 90's

LINEA ORO classic

Columbus SL with an oversize diamter down tube / an own set of lugs with fork crown / design Elegance with small Casati down tube lettering 1990 / original color white with blue rflexes (bianco riflessi blu)

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puristic steel


Columbus Zona / head lugs and fork crown chromed / one color design

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