minimalistic steel

Nothing compares to the legendary riding characteristics of Columbus Spirit or XCr tubing combined with the best custom geometry for the cyclist. Some cyclists say: “I like that frame because it is nothing to show off, not for wannabes”. Some say they are simply the most beautiful bicycles.

Minimalism is a fusion of simplicity and grace. Nothing left to drop. Adding one more thing would destroy the elegance. A fillet brazed steel frame is like the philosophy of minimalism for cyclists. Decorated with some lovely details. There is no need for weird tube shapes and colors. True elegance never fades.

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Style. Not Hype.


Columbus XCR for steel look / shape of fork and head tube RS or Terminillo / rear dropout Milano or Venezia

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"most beautiful"


Columbus Spirit / RS shape of fork and head tube / rear dropout Seregno / oversize down tube

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blue aqua

rubin red

pearl white



Columbus Spirit / internal seatpost lock / classic or inegratet headset

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disc brakes


Columbus Spirit / fork, rear and chain stays reinforced for disc brakes / internal seatpost lock

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green illumina

blu notte

blu mare

road and off road


Columbus Spirit / fork, rear and chain stays reinforced for disc brakes / tires up to 38 mm

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